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Pokemon Neo Discovery First Edition Complete 75 Card Set (#s 1-75) - NM/MT

Pokemon Neo Discovery First Edition Complete 75 Card Set (#s 1-75) - NM/MT

HIGH DOLLAR ITEM - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO PURCHASE:  Because of the price of this item, I will require references from at least three other Pokemon hobby sellers who can vouch for you and your previous purchases; or alternatively, that you pay me via Paypal Friends and Family (PPFF). In any type of PPFF transaction, I will insure the package for full value of the item to protect us both. Message me at or text me at 925.301.7924 for more information or to make purchase arrangements. I truly appreciate your understanding. Oh, one other thing ... I am glad to help you buy over time using a payment plan. So, don't be afraid to ask. 


A complete, beautiful and very rare (in this condition) set! Pictures only represent 6 of the 75 cards you will receive.


Condition of holos is as follows:


1 Espeon - NM/MT

2 Forretress - NM/MT

3 Hitmontop - NM/MT

4 Houndoom - NM/MT

5 Houndour - NM/MT

6 Kabutops - NM

7 Magnemite - NM/MT

8 Politoed - NM/MT

9 Polliwrath - NM/MT

10 Scizor - MT

11 Smeargle - NM/MT

12 Tyranitar - NM/MT

13 Umbreon - NM/MT

14 Unown - NM/MT

15 Ursaring - NM/MT

16 Wobbuffet - NM/MT

17 Yanma - NM


Please feel free to ask any questions as I want all my buyers to be completely satisfied with their purchases.

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    There are no returns or refunds on this item.

$7,999.95 Regular Price
$6,999.95Sale Price
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