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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Majestic Dawn Booster Pack - Sealed

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Majestic Dawn Booster Pack - Sealed

These packs came from a recent collection I purchased from a private collector. I have no reason to believe they are weighed but without knowing for sure, I am not listing them as unweighed. Please let me know if you have success if you open so I can confirm they are unweighed if that is indeed the case. Thanks.


Note: I am not focused on the artwork on the front of the pack and therefore not promising any specific characters but you are always welcome to inquire.


Please feel free to ask any questions as I want all my buyers to be completely satisfied with their purchases.

  • Returns and Refunds Policy

    There are absolutely NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS for purchased packs. When purchasing, you understand and agree to these terms.


    I only sell sealed, unweighed, untampered with booster packs. I never purchase any single booster packs. Or, put another way, each and every booster pack I purchase and subsequently sell, comes from sealed factory direct Pokemon products. 


    When you agree to purchase any booster packs, whether opened live on camera or whether just sent to you directly, you acknowledge there is no guarantee as to which cards those packs will actually contain. Because of my reputation for not weighing booster packs, I AM NOT ABLE TO TAKE ANY RETURNS OR ISSUE ANY REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON!

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